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Market Information Center

Hess Energy Marketing's philosophy is to provide its customers with up-to-date and insightful information and analysis about the energy markets that matter most to them. We offer both online and offline resources for improving your knowledge of energy markets.

Market Charts and Prices

Chart market prices for natural gas, heating oil, WTI crude and other energy commodities. This tool allows you to compare current and historical prices for multiple commodities.
(NYMEX data delayed up to 30 minutes.)

Insights and News

Hess Energy Marketing customers benefit from access to Hess Energy' s proprietary market insights. Written by Hess Energy' s trading desk team, frequently updated market analyses and data provide valuable perspectives on energy market movements

Event Schedule

Hess Energy Marketing conducts periodic seminars on the energy topics most pertinent to its customers. We also participate in many third-party seminars and tradeshows. Review the event schedule to see what is available in your area.

NYMEX Settlement

This report contains a rolling 24 month comparison of monthly settlement pricing and a table displaying the monthly settlement and yearly averages from 2000 to the present. (This information can be exported to PDF or Excel.)

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