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Market Information Center

Want the current energy prices and energy market news. Visit our Market Information Center. read more >>

Solution Services

Hess Energy Solutions is focused on getting you the most for every dollar you spend on energy. By designing and implementing programs specific to the way your organization uses energy, we drive savings to your bottom line. learn more >>

Securing the best energy solution can be a challenge for any organization. As a Government entity, we know it’s harder than ever for you to meet your budget needs – and you shouldn’t have to worry about how to find a trusted energy supplier.

That’s why the Hess Energy's team is here, offering expert solutions to meet your energy needs. As the current electricity, natural gas, and energy services supplier to Federal, State, and Local branches of government, Hess Energy Marketing is always a smart choice.

Hess Energy Marketing delivers more than just energy:

  • Regulatory insight and knowledge of government-specific needs on the Local, State, and Federal levels
  • Ability to navigate the government purchasing process with ease while complying with all formal RFP requirements
  • Expert advice on energy markets and current trends
  • Custom products and services tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Dedicated team of knowledgeable people to manage your account

Hess Energy - Best Practices Guide

Your source for securing the energy you need

The Best Practices Guide is required for any government group serious about getting the most for their money. Download it today, and if you have any questions, the Hess Energy's team is always available to make a complex decision easier to understand.

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