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Insight is power

At Hess Energy Marketing, we believe in empowering buyers with education and insight to make the best decisions for their organizations. With that in mind, we have created resources to not only help you understand the electricity and natural gas industry, but also give you the tools you need to do your job better.

Conquering the Multisite Challenge

As an energy buyer with multiple sites to manage — particularly sites in separate utility service territories or states — you face unique challenges. Simplify the process with these four winning strategies.

Energy Contracting 101

At first glance, contracting for your company’s energy needs electricity, natural gas or both may seem like an overwhelming task, especially for a procurement manager who may be new to the energy field. Learn the different components of the contract and feel like a pro when it comes to reviewing contracts in this new guide.

Shale Gas and the Future of the U.S. Energy Market

Shale gas has dramatically transformed U.S. energy markets in the past five-plus years. Learn about 7 ways shale production is reshaping commercial and industrial energy purchasing.

Smart Energy Strategies for Healthcare Facilities

As demand for healthcare services continue to rise, it is essential that hospitals and other healthcare institutions continue to look carefully at their energy bills and options to reduce energy spend. Check out these specific tactics to help your health facility save money.


OCM BOCES is a large and growing organization in central New York that represents area school districts in purchasing their energy. After working with a consultant and putting their program out to bid, the organization not only renewed with Hess Energy Marketing for their natural gas needs, but also decided to work with the company as their electricity provider.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology partners with Hess Energy Marketing, a leading provider of energy solutions and resources, to manage near- and long-term energy consumption and costs at the school’s rapidly expanding campus.

2013 Guide to Energy Procurement

New to buying energy? Just want to brush up on the basics? This e-book walks through energy production, pricing structures, how to choose the best energy products for your organization's budget, and more.

Dollars and Sense of Deregulation

Deregulation has presented businesses with a variety of options for purchasing their electricity. Take a look at the economic benefits of choosing your own supplier.

Understanding Electricity Pricing

Energy makes up 30% of your budget and the first step in taking charge of your energy spend is to understand the components and options in electricity pricing.

Is Fuel Conversion Right for Your Building

Traditionally, many manufacturers, facility managers and building owners chose fuel oil to generate their heat and hot water because it was more economical than natural gas. But all that has changed in the past decade. Because energy accounts for a significant portion of any facility’s operating expenses and the commodity markets have seen some fundamental changes in recent years, reassessing the type of fuel used for your facility is a sound financial move.
Learn how to determine the type of fuel that's best for your building and what you should consider when looking for a service provider to carry out a conversion to a new fuel.

Fuel conversion De-Mystified

In New York City, clean air legislation requires buildings to move to a cleaner fuel. This raises a host of questions for building owners and operators like: How do I know which fuel is best to use for my building? What are the steps involved in converting a building from fuel oil to natural gas? Are there experts out there to help me through this process? Take a look here for some of the answers to these questions.

Five Tried and True Guidelines to Better Energy Purchasing Decisions

As you know there are many actions you can take to reduce your energy usage, but here’s some tips for what you can do when it comes to purchasing energy, because there is a limit to how much energy you can cut back on.

The Top 5 Trends Impacting Energy Budgets

Energy buyers contend with a number of trends that influence their ability to set and hit their budgets. Check out five of the most influential factors affecting short-term C&I; energy budgets, and questions buyers should bear in mind as they enter the market.

10 Imperatives for Picking an Energy Provider

There are many players in the energy field, so how do you pick the right one for your business? This white paper provides 10 key attributes you should look for in an energy provider.

Myths and Realities of Energy Purchasing

Misconceptions about suppliers, costs and budgeting options are common for those new to energy. This white paper serves to separate myth from reality on common issues that concern buyers when it comes to energy purchasing to enable them to make the best decisions for their business.

Energy Budget Assessment

Energy can be a significant expense. In this short presentation, you’ll learn six key questions to help you better assess, manage and optimize your energy budget and plan.

4 Key Questions for Building Your Energy Budget

Does your energy budget account for a third or more of your budget? Consider these four key questions that will help you identify ways in which your organization can better manage its energy budgeting, purchasing and usage.

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