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"... A forward-looking company that is consistently in the forefront of meeting the fast-changing challenges of the energy industry."

Marc A. Albanese

Associate Vice President of
Campus Environment,

DeSales University, Center Valley, PA

Advanced. Intelligent. Sustainable.

Hess Energy Solutions

Drive savings by reducing energy costs and usage in your organization.

Hess Energy Solutions specializes in helping enterprises reduce energy costs, become more energy efficient, achieve sustainability goals through solar energy, and meet energy-related compliance requirements.

There are many options to make your facility and operations more cost efficient. The experienced professionals at Hess Energy Solutions can step in to create clarity and guide you to the optimal course of action.

To help you achieve energy cost reductions with little or no capital outlay we will identify the right projects for your facility, design and implement end-to-end turnkey solutions, and integrate project funding into an energy agreement for budget control and one monthly payment for funding and energy.

Hess Energy Solutions helps our customers achieve:

  • Integrated energy solutions to reduce both the usage and price of your energy
  • Optimized energy efficiency through a variety of programs and services including fuel conversion; HVAC, lighting, control systems and combined heat and power projects; solar power; and energy asset optimization, among others
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Learn about some of the cutting-edge products and services Hess Energy Solutions offers to manage your energy needs:

Energy Management Services

Energy savings made simple with turnkey solutions

Hess Energy Solutions will identify and implement energy efficiency projects to minimize your energy spending

Fuel Conversion

Make a smooth transition from fuel oil to natural gas

Learn more about Fuel Conversion Inside NYC

Learn more about Fuel Conversion Outside NYC

Learn more about our partnership with NYCEEC

Discover how easy it is to have your property converted to cleaner, more economical, compliant natural gas.

New Intelligent Demand Response

Earn revenue and lower your electricity rate

Learn more about Intelligent Demand Response for PJM ISO

Learn more about Intelligent Demand Response for NYC

Hess Energy Solutions can provide you with timely, monthly revenue while lowering your organization’s electricity costs.

Benchmarking and Other Regulatory
Compliance for New York City

Benchmarking is mandatory in New York City
— we can make it easy and manageable, at no cost to our customers

Our expertise turns the complexities of benchmarking and other compliance mandates into a seamless process for you.

For more information on these products and services and to learn about additional energy services Hess Energy can offer you, contact your Account Manager or reach Hess Energy Solutions directly at SolutionSales@hess.com or 1-888-223-1524.

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